Aurora - Miyoni - 12" Wooly Rhino
Brand Emulation Project
Toy Design   Industrial Sewing   Prototyping
Meet Wilma, a wooly rhino designed to bring a little education and uniqueness to the plush world. Her fuzzy body and soft horn makes her the perfect gift for anyone who loves to cuddle.
The goal of this project was to follow Aurora World's design aesthetic and create a product that they could take directly to market. Aurora's Miyoni collection aim to create both realistic and cute plush animals to be loved and cherished. 
Aurora World is known for their cute and realistic animals. Researching them showed that they are a global leader in plush toys and that they pride themselves on developing products that are "safe from birth upwards".  Their product line of animals consists mostly of existing animals and fantasy creatures. 
Designing from existing toy
Designing from existing toy
First Prototype
First Prototype
Second Prototype
Second Prototype
Head Placement
Inverted Filling
Filling the toys in their inverted forms shows problematic points that you may notice, but not know why in the final result. For instance my final feet were too small and I was able to notice and fix this because of inverted filling.
Final Prototype
The final prototype for this project came out great, she's cute, she's fun and she's an educational gift for all ages. As a designer and not a company I am limited in my resources and ideally Wilma would be made of a soft plush faux fur fabric, but here she is made out of non-pilling fleece. In the future I hope to complete my plans of creating a collection of these plushies as she currently looks lonely.
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