Character Development Project
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Mott is a marionette designed to capture the essence of classic Sesame Street and Jim Henson creations. With his witty humor and playful personality, he's the ultimate stand-up comedian puppet, guaranteed to delight children and bring joy and laughter to any audience.
Design Ideation
Mott was born from a laugh. Like me he is a goofball and I could hear his laugh from before I sketched him. I attempted some other marionette designs like Mr. Magpie and a character that is all pants, they'd be fun characters, but Mott needed to be made here.
Physical models are key for a project like this. A paper mockup can give you a fast idea of size and shape. For this project I created a wooden head to see if it was a material that I wanted to use (inspired by traditional Indian Kathputli Puppets). Ultimately soft cloth was the path to take and I made many iterations to get the right shape.
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