Mott is his head, as with most characters, their face defines them. This page is dedicated to excessive details and photos to mark his creation process. If you don't want to see it all, click the button below.
Mott started with some drawings and so to start building him, we need the drawings.
Mott's head began as some balled up paper and tape. I squashed the paper until I got the general size that I wanted him to be and taped it all together. If his head was a little angular, I smashed it in. If it was a little low, I added more paper and layered it with tape. It worked out perfectly for a prototype.
Our professor the great Melissa Dawson, taught us how to pattern draft using tape and plastic wrap (Melissa if you're reading this you are the queen of textiles and I appreciate you as a teacher and mentor immensely). From the rough taping of Mott's head I created patterns that were frankly just as rough. They were readable though and they became the basis for the next step, which was cleaning them into basic drafting patterns.
This was my first real head attempt, there were probably attempted curve scraps that I threw away immediately, but for the most part I got the general shape for the top of the head right away. I stuffed it with poly-fill and trialed using chip board for a stiff roof of the mouth, but quickly moved to corrugated and stuck with it for the rest of the project. This head top was pretty good overall, but shown in the top right image, the top of his head wasn't aligned very well. 
This was my first completed head. Somehow the bottom jaw was huge and his lips were so very visible. This lip issue became a consistent problem in future heads as you will see. However the top of the head was pretty spot on, though you can see the bridge that is the nose isn't very perpendicular with the mouth, this issue I'm able to fix very quickly by being more precise with my darts.
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